We are open for submissions!

Submission Guidelines

  • Please send your submissions in PDF, Google Docs, or Word format.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions.
  • We do not accept work previously published in official venues (such as online lit mags, journals, or in print).
  • Please keep poems to no more than 2 pages in length in a standard Word sized document. We understand if it bleeds over a little or if you have to use single spacing or small font to make it fit, just as a target length, try to make 2 pages your max.
  • Please send no more than 5 poems during a reading period. Submit all poems in one document.
  • Your submission must be your own original work. If selected, you grant Shook Lit (1) First Electronic and Online Rights, (2) Non-Exclusive Electronic and Online Rights, and (3) Archival Electronic and Online Rights.
  • We strongly encourage underrepresented and marginalized people to submit. We welcome poetry by, for, and about the experiences of POC, queer, LGBTQIA+, trans, neurodivergent, nontheistic, atheist, agnostic, trauma survivors, pagans, witches, womxn, or other individuals we have failed to mention here.
  • We are not able to provide payment at this time, but we greatly value you letting us read and handle your work.
  • We will not publish work that is blatantly offensive, and we reserve the right to turn down any submission at our sole discretion. We don't want to have to explain to you what is unacceptable, but to give you a few ideas - nothing condoning or depicting in gory detail violence against minorities, child abuse, or rape. We do research poems that are submitted to try and understand any cultural or literary references and will take this into consideration.
Please consider tracking your submissions on The Submission Grinder at our page here:

We Are Looking For...

  • Womxn - poetry by female identifying and nonbinary authors and/or about related issues
  • God Can't Save You - poetry by atheist, agnostic and nontheistic authors and/or about related issues
  • Urban Concrete - concrete and found poetry, poetry about urban life, video game poetry
  • Health - poetry by and about people affected by physical and mental health issues
  • Haiku, Twaiku (published on our Twitter), and Senryu
  • Micropoetry
  • Found Poetry such as blackouts and erasures
  • Things we don't expect
You can submit your poetry using the form embedded below, or access the form directly here.

If you are unable to submit using the submission form, please email your submission to editor at shooklit dot com.

We publish annually in the fall and accept submissions year round.


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